For the past 39 years, the Lupus and Allied Diseases 
Association, Inc., formerly Lupus Foundation of Mid and 
Northern New York has been providing education, support, 
and outreach services for people with lupus and allied 
diseases and conditions of unmet need as well as 
for their loved ones, and promoting programs of 
public awareness, advocacy & research.  

For the Fiscal Year ending on September 30, 2016 
our organization's administrative costs were 
less than 2.0% leaving 98.0% of every dollar 
raised going directly to our Program Services!
It is our hope that if you have lupus or another allied disease 
or know someone who has lupus or another allied disease 
that you will use this website as a tool to take control and learn 
to live with your condition.  We realize that these diseases do not 
just affect an individual; they affect the entire family.  We are here 
for you as you and your loved ones continue on your journey. 


News & Events


Kathleen Arntsen, President and CEO of Lupus and Allied Diseases
Association, participated in a video project through the Patients
for Biologics Safety and Access (PBSA) to promote the power
of advocacy. The overview listed her as "a powerful national
patient advocate from New York living with multiple autoimmune
 diseases, including lupus. She works with other patient advocates
to make their voices heard in vital patient safety policy discussions." 

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The Lupus Agencies of New York State (LANYS) realized dual
advocacy victories this legislative session in both the New York 
State Senate and Assembly with the unanimous passage
of S.5216A / A.3072A the Lupus Education and Outreach Bill
and S.3419C / A.2834D the legislation to limit Step Therapy
protocols. The groups have been coming to the State Capital
in Albany each May for the past eight years to increase public
awareness of Lupus and to garner support for education and
research programs and access to healthcare issues.

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The Step Therapy Reform Bill was signed into law on 
December 31, 2016 by Governor Andrew Cuomo. We thank the 
nearly 80 patient advocacy and provider organizations, the NYS
Legislature, and the bill sponsors Senator Catharine Young and
Assemblyman Matthew Titone for their tremendous support 
and efforts over the past 6 years. We applaud Governor Cuomo 
for standing with us by providing strong safeguards that will
 ensure proper access to treatments for patients when appropriate. 

ChangeTogether Article

January Article

December Press Release 


FAQ Guidance for Health Insurers on Law

The Lupus Bill was signed into law 
on November 29, 2016
by Governor Andrew Cuomo. We commend the Governor for
supporting this important legislation and thank Senator
Diane Savino and Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes as 
the bill sponsors and working with us to get it over the finish line.

November Press Release 


The patient voice has become more relevant than ever before
with initiatives like Patient-Focused Drug Development,
Precision Medicine, the House 21st Century Cures, and the Senate
Healthier Americans. LADA has been at the forefront in 
encouraging patient-inclusion as an equal stakeholder in all
access to healthcare and research efforts. The patient voice
is now welcome and necessary, and we are participating
in as many forums as possible to ensure one is present and heard.

LADA Support Letter for 21st Century Cures Act


The Lupus and Allied Diseases Association (LADA), Lupus
Foundation of America (LFA), and Lupus Research Alliance (LRA)
announce that a Lupus Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting,

Lupus: Patient Voices will be held in 2017. This groundbreaking
initiative will culminate in a meeting featuring a series of facilitated
discussions designed to provide the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA)
with perspectives from people with lupus,
 advocates and loved ones.

Lupus PFDD Press Release


The 17th Annual Lupus Charity Golf Classic
Will Take Place on 
Thursday, August 24th, 2017
at the Shenendoah
 Golf Course at
Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY





Lupus Research Alliance Board Secretary 
Robert Ravitz
(center) receives our 
2016 Annual Research 
Donation of $35,000 from Lupus and Allied Diseases 
Association President & CEO Kathleen Arntsen (left)
and Board Secretary David Arntsen (right) 

on October 21, 2016 at the LRA Annual Scientific Meeting. 
We have now donated $316,000 to the LRA in the past 15 years.

Lupus Advocate Kaamilah Gilyard (left) with Kathleen Arntsen
(right) at the LRA Scientific Meeting in NYC. Both Ladies are
two of the strongest Patient Voices in the Lupus Community. 

Kathleen also participated in the 2015-16 Patient
Advocacy programs 
by sharing her

LRA Newsletter Interview

A link to the 2015 video interview is below.

Arntsen on Advocacy



The 16th Annual Lupus Charity Golf Classic set a new 
record raising just over $100,000.00 on Thursday, 
August 25th, 2016 at the Kaluhyat Golf Course at 
Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY where 111 golfers 
and 20 volunteers participated in the patient-driven event. 

2016 Golf Classic Towel Sponsor Biotechnology Innovation
Organization Representative Brian O'Connor receiving an 
appreciation plaque from LADA President Kathleen Arntsen. 
Also pictured are teammates: Garrett Olds and GHLF  
Representatives Steve Marmaras and Ryan Johnson.

Honoring longtime volunteer Cathy Walseman for her courage in 
battling both lupus and lymphoma, pictured here with husband Bob.

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In response to a request from the Congressional Lupus Caucus,
the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has
released an 
Action Plan for Lupus Research. This report was a
collaborative effort, led by the National Institute of Arthritis
and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) on

behalf of the NIH. It represents a synthesis of internal
and external input on
promising future research
directions to improve the lives of people with lupus.

In 2005, the House Appropriations Committee directed the NIH to
develop a plan to guide the nation's investment in lupus research. 
In response, The Future Directions of Lupus Research was released 
in 2007.  In July 2014, the Congressional Lupus Caucus requested 
that NIAMS, as the lead agency of the Lupus Federal Working Group,
develop a new coordinated action plan for lupus research.

"We have made great strides in our understanding of lupus

and its treatment since the publication of the 2007 report," 

noted NIAMS Director Stephen I. Katz, M.D., Ph.D. 

"Yet, much work remains to be done."

The plan was developed collaboratively among the NIH Institutes and
Centers with an interest and investment in lupus research, with
 extensive input from the broader community of researchers, health
care providers, patients, and the Lupus Federal Working Group.
Kathleen Arntsen, Dr. Betty Diamond and Dr. Marc Chevrier gave
input on behalf of Lupus and Allied Diseases Association during the
process. The plan highlights many opportunities to increase our
understanding of lupus at the molecular, individual, and population
levels, which ultimately should lead to safer and more effective
treatments and, eventually, curative strategies. In addition, it will
help to inform priority-setting processes among all lupus-related
organizations — federal, private, and non-profit — and serve
as a guide for lupus investigators.

LUPUS NEWS TODAY Article on recent Congressional Briefing
courtesy of Charles Moore, BioNews Services, LLC 


The first-ever national roadmap to improve treatment and care
for people with lupus was unveiled during a briefing on Capitol Hill
on October 29. Lupus and Allied Diseases Association President and 
CEO Kathleen Arntsen and Vice President Sandi Frear attended the
launching. The National Public Health Agenda for Lupus identifies 
public health priorities, strategies and recommendations that are
relevant and complementary to efforts in lupus biomedical research
and clinical care and serves as a model of a comprehensive
approach to lupus care and treatment.

The Agenda was developed by the Lupus Foundation of America

and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors in

collaboration with leading lupus and public health experts and

people living with lupus. Kathleen Arntsen sat on the Steering

Committee and helped develop the plan. The effort was made

possible through funding from the United States Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To see a copy of the plan click on the link below.



BIO Patient Advocacy Summit 

NIH Director Francis Collins (center) with LADA President
Kathleen Arntsen (left) and Board Member Lisabeth Iglesias
(right) at the  BIO Patient Advocacy Meeting in November 2016
in Washington, DC. They attended sessions to 
learn about
current research
initiatives and health care access issues. 

LADA Board Member Lisabeth Iglesias pictured with Brian O'Connor
from BIO and Elizabeth Kennerly from the Mitochondrial Foundation

Advocates for Arthritis September 2016

Arthritis Advocate Mary Judge (left) and Kathleen

Arntsen (right) attended the ACR's Annual Advocacy
Fly-in September 12-13 pictured here with Morgan Brand
(center) from Senator Charles Schumer's office

Advocates in the Senate Subway at Capitol Hill


GHLF & LADA Advocates met with Step Therapy Bill Sponsors
Assemblyman Matthew Titone and Senator Catharine Young
to discuss A2834/S3419 on March 1st

 Sarah Oanan, Lisabeth Iglesias, Assemblyman Titone, Senator Young,
Kathleen Arntsen & Steve Marmaras overlooking the NYS Senate Chamber.

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017 the 6 Lupus Agencies of
New York State were guests in the NYS Senate 
and Assembly as both houses recognized May
as Lupus Awareness Month. Senator Joseph Griffo
and Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. were the 
Legislative Sponsors of the event.

Senators Diane Savino and Joseph Griffo with
LANYS Advocates inside the Senate Chamber.

Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. with LANYS Advocates
in the NYS Assembly Chamber.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi with Lupus
Advocates in the Assembly Gallery.

Senator David Valesky with LANYS Advocates 
outside the NYS Senate Chamber.

Lupus News Today Article

2017 Senate Video

Assembly Video

2017 Joint Resolution

Utica OD Article

LADA Leader Honored

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day (WAAD) Awarded 
Kathleen Arntsen an Inspirational Patient Award 
on May 20, 2016 in honor of her advocacy efforts.

On Wednesday, March 2nd, representatives from the Lupus
and Allied Diseases Association, the New York 
State Rare Disease Alliance, and the National Organization for 
Rare Diseases
 spent the day at the Capitol to raise 
awareness among the general public and legislature 
about rare diseases and diseases of unmet need
and their impact on patients’ lives.

Assemblyman John T. McDonald III with Rare Disease
Advocates in the Assembly Chamber.

Senator Kemp Hannon with Rare Disease Advocates
outside the Senate Chamber.

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